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Construction in crisis
Fri 23rd Oct 09 - 12:19

 Professional Broking Magazine has in the last month published an article on 'Construction in crisis.

Recessionary pressure is hitting the construction industry harder than most.

Emmanuel Kenning reviews an insurer's advice to brokers supporting clients

Of all the sectors affected by the recession, construction can arguably claim to have suffered the most.  With just over 2.2 million people still employed in the UK's construction industry, most brokers are likely to have a construction firm or related company as a client.

Key construction industry indices have been making stark reading.  Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that, between April and June 2007, 10,000 construction workers were made redundant and, with 21,000 vacancies in the sector's job market, this was not alarming.  Over the same period this year, 49000 workers lost their jobs and only 9,000 vacancies existed.

"Due to the recession, sites are being closed or the work is being put on hold because the funding is no longer as available for completion," said David Swigciski, regional training leader for construction at RSA.

For the full article please see email kathrynbudrys@caunceohara.co.uk

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